Coaching & Training

Blue Ocean Business Coaching offers virtual as well as face to face services for executives, entrepreneurs and teams. Ours is a local niche with a global reach. We provide coaching & training services in a variety of locations,  in your office or local space, as well as online. We’ve even been know to hold creative mastermind groups or team building in the park! Founder Susan Ross is an accomplished Business Growth Architect with 20 years of business development experience as an author, owner, trainer, consultant and expert on business launch, growth and development. She’s known as the master of the “Start up & Stay Up!.”
and development.

Going it alone is lonely! It Takes a Team

Great Business Mentor Coaching challenges open-minded people and business teams to stretch themselves to attain goals and targets they would not normally achieve on their own. A great business coach works to challenge and ensure that their clients are ready, equipped and committed to reach agreed upon goals, beyond their own normal expectations-