A dream without a plan is a daydream. A plan without a dream is a nightmare. Which path are you on this year? Are you operating out of inspiration or desperation. It’s JULY! – 6 months left to slay those big audacious goals. Are you on track? Do you know? What’s missing from your toolbox that you need now to fully achieve your 2017 dreams? ¬†Answer these 7 Questions to ensure your success

1. What IS Working? List your key year to date WINS:

2. Why do you think you achieved these wins?

3. How can you duplicate the actions you took to achieve your next big goal(s)?

4. What’s NOT working: What is your biggest current challenge?

5. Name one thing that is missing that you believe would make all the difference in achieving your next big goal(s)

6. Who do you need on your team to assist you in crushing your next set of challenges/goals?

7. What do you need to learn and/or let go of in order to achieve these key goals?

HINT: 70% of mentored businesses successfully reach the 5 year mark, compared to only 30% of those who go it alone. Why? No accountability, limited collaboration, constant wasted efforts reinventing wheels, lack of broad experience across many industries. A seasoned mentor-coach can provide broad expertise across many industries, including real life stories, solutions and inspiration to expand your horizons and grow your business exponentially faster than you could possibly do on your own.

Summary: You can’t manage what you don’t measure- Peter Drucker. While not everything can be measured, it’s important to commit to paper a solid set of actionable, measurable goals, with the 3 W’s attached: What, Who, When, and the How: your first 2-3 Best Next Steps.

Finally: Give yourself an A! Looking back on this year on 12.31.17, what do you want to see yourself having accomplished that would cause you to give yourself an A?  Create a clear future picture of that awesome success, write it down. Employ the questions above and commit to someone you trust to hold yourself accountable. Cheers to your great success in the second half of 2017.

Here’s the link to your “A” CertificateGiver yourself an A 2017

Susan Ross, Mentor-Coach